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Etch Resist Inkjet Printer for Inkjet Lithography

A digital solution for etching without phototools

PPSI High Speed Etch Resist Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printing etch resist instead of using traditional photo tools may create a competitive advantage for your company.  The PPSI High Speed Etch Resist Inkject Printer allows you to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of digital printing while providing you with all the precision of traditional etch resist processes. The PPSI High Speed Etch Resist Inkjet Printer allows you to etch copper, aluminum and steel substrates in an acidic etch without phototools.

The PPSI High Speed Etch Resist Inkjet Printers features;

  • Ability to print on flat surfaces on a variety of substrates.
  • Print areas as small as 11 x 17 inches (280mm x 432mm) or as large as 96 x 120 inches (2.5m x 3.1m).
  • Substrate thickness as thin as .001 inches (.025mm) or as thick as 36 inches (915mm).
  • Print a variety of resists from a number of chemistry suppliers.
  • Speeds in excess of 1 square meter per minute (1500 square inches per minute) have been achieved.
  • The system uses 1000 jets to print drops as small as 6 picoliters, on a programmable grid.
  • The system features 1 micron X-Y-Z encoders and camera alignment to existing substrate patterns.
  • Integrated UV Curing produces substrates ready to etch in seconds.

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