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More with Less
Single Pass Digital Print

The DICEtrax will make you amazingly productive. With the DICEtrax a single operator could do the work of 4+ operators using conventional equipment. The throughput speed makes it possible to finish 6.5 hours of printing in less than half the time. Find out how much you could benefit from the DICEtrax. We'll do a custom analysis and show you how much more productive you could be.

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​About the DICEtrax:
  • 10,000 sq. feet per hour

  • Resolutions from 400 to 1200 dpi

  • Rigid or flexible cut sheet printing for a range of materials and thicknesses

  • Print width up to 25"

  • CMYK plus up to 4 additional colors (8 total)

Options Include;

  • High Opacity White

  • Extend gamut inks (OGV) 

  • Clear coats

  • Material Feeder

  • Output Stacker

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